The Backdrop

"When you educate a man, you educate an individual and when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family."

This line rightly points out an educated woman has the self confidence, skills as well as intelligence to understand the need to be a better daughter, sister, wife and mother and make the family progressive. Education is the only tool with which a girl or a woman can empower herself , her family & eventually the society as a whole.

The government of India has rolled out various programs at all levels to ensure that a girl child does not miss out on the right to education. Post independence, the government had set up a National Committee on Women’s Education in 1958, and recommends education to be at par for both male and female. In the year 1964, the Education Commission was set up, which focused on educating the girl child. The government came up with ‘New Education Policy’ in the year 1968, which focused on the overall education in both rural and urban areas.

Even after so many such initiatives, we are still lagging behind in providing education to the girl child. The problem here is not in implementation but in the level of commitment of people in general. Until the entire Indian society comes together as a whole and understand the benefits of educating the girl child the change will not be seen. We firmly believe the girl child has equal right to education as a boy child and is necessary for the growth of the nation.

Peerless Mutual Fund presents Beti Shiksha Abhiyaan - an initiative, which is a step towards what we believe in “ Woman Empowerment”. In this programme we extend support to the education of India’s daughters. Through this initiative we additionally incentivize distributors with girl child.

What is Beti Shiksha Abhiyaan?

Beti Shiksha Abhiyaan (BSA) is a Special Education Incentive scheme by Peerless Mutual Fund for its distributor parents who have a daughter. Lack of primary education for girls is a growing concern in India. This initiative has been launched to reward parents who are educating their daughters and preparing them for success.

How does it operate?

Under the BSA, distributor parents who have a daughter will receive an additional incentive once a year as per the specified incentive structure. Click Here for the incentive structure. Distributor parents will need to undertake a simple registration process to be eligible.

Join the movement

People have taken the pledge.

We value your support to this noble cause. We appeal to you to advocate the following practices in the communities you reside in or represent.

  • Education is the best gift you can give to your daughter. Please ensure she is supported thoroughly throughout her education.
  • Treat your daughters equally as your son. Bias results in low confidence, and leads to inferiority complex.
  • Marriage is not the ultimate aim for your daughter. Ensure that she pursues a career in any field she chooses.
  • Teach her to be fearless and support her aspirations.
  • If you don’t have a daughter, then teach your son to respect daughters of others.

If you agree with what we think and like what we initiated, we would like you to show your support by filling the details below.


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